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Applying for a visa in the Schengen area

In order, the top 5 countries for visa applications from travellers are as follows: France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany.
Therefore, a large number of visa applications are made to the embassy or consulate accompanied by travel insurance for Europe Trip candidates in the Schengen zone.
If you need a visa for the Schengen area, you need to take out travel insurance.

If there is no diplomatic mission or competent consular officer in a given country, the visa may be issued by the consulate of another Schengen state that represents the interests of the competent state in this country. The visa is then issued on behalf of the Schengen state represented with prior authorisation from the latter.

If, despite the presence of your insurance certificate in your file, the embassy or consulate wants to check the validity of your contract, the consulate's representative just needs to go to the following address: and enter the membership number shown on your policy.

Consult the following section: Schengen Area to view the countries in the Schengen zone and discover our cover such as the possible refund of the visa application costs in case of refusal by the embassy or consulate.

Do you need to make a visa application for your trip?

Here is a very simple way to find out instantly. 
Select your country of nationality. Then select the dates you are expecting to enter and leave the Schengen zone.
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Return date : 

For security reasons, please confirm this result with your embassy or consulate.

Complete your Schengen visa application online

We offer freely to dowload the visa application form for the major countries of Schengen area, and then fill it from your computer using Adobe Acrobat. Then just print, sign and send it to the embassy representing the destination country desired in the Schengen area, without forgetting to attach the certificate of the Schengen travel insurance.